We partnered with the German brand KampferHerz in order to launch them in the USA rebranded as FighterHeart. Someone who exemplifies the KampferHerz spirit has had every reason to give up, and in spite of their hardships, risen to the occasion and come out stronger.



FighterHeart Podcast EP 1 - Alex Garcia

Our goal is to showcase the incredible comeback stories of people who have fought their way back from extreme adversity.

On this episode we sat down with Alex Garcia, a retired Golden Glove boxer who explains how heโ€™s still looking to become a world champion, in a different way ๐Ÿ†

J-Arp - Cheated Death & Lost Over 300 Pounds

After flatlining in his house, J-Arp knew he needed to make a life-changing decision. With the help of his personal trainer Steve Arnone, J-arp was able to lose over 300 pounds and go onto winning 2nd place in The Summer Shredding Classic.

Steven Arnone - Obese to Bodybuilder

After tipping the scales at over 300 lbs, this former college football player found himself in the midst of an emotional breakdown while watching The Biggest Loser a few short years ago. It was at that moment he realized he needed to make a change. With much determination and discipline Steve was able to transform himself into a world class bodybuilder, and recently took third place at the Julie Palmer Ultimate Showdown.

Devon Squillace - Fell From A Six Story Building

After falling from the roof of a six story building, Devon found himself entirely paralyzed from the waist down. Doctors told him he would probably never walk again, but despite the odds, after intensive therapy & dedication, Devon persevered. He's now completely able bodied and training harder than before his accident.

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