Hidden Treasure LI



We partnered with the LI Brewers guild to create the Hidden Treasure Hunt Memberships. Hunters embark on an epic journey to collect 30 beer flights & treasure pieces from all participating breweries while racing to be the first to collect all the treasure pieces in order to unlock The Legendary Treasure.


  • Creative Strategy
  • Designed The Hidden Treasure Artwork 
  • Created Campaign Video
  • Developed Landing Page & Purchasing Site
  • Smart Contract Development 
  • Social Media Management
  • Organized Brewery Meet Ups


Hidden Treasure LI - The Winner

Arrr, mateys! The brave winners of the Hidden Treasure LI campaign, hosted by Moverz Group and The Long Island Brewers Guild, embarked on an epic voyage to 30 breweries in just five days, collecting digital treasure pieces at each port of call. With the aid of their trusty excel sheets and a well-laid plan, the winner and his fair maiden mapped out their journey. As a grand surprise, we whisked them away to a splendid weekend in the Hamptons, complete with treasures and festivities aplenty, and this here video be the swashbucklin' montage of their adventure on the high seas!

Hidden Treasure Campaign Video

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