Turn Customers Into Brand Advocates

Did you know that over 50% of the 3.8 billion loyalty program members in the U.S. are inactive. Loyalty has become oversaturated – people are tired of downloading multiple apps or collecting physical cards for lackluster prizes. At Moverz we turn this challenge into an opportunity with interactive programs that engage customers through gamification. With innovative solutions tailored to your needs, Moverz is your partner in revolutionizing customer loyalty and building a thriving community around your brand.

Why Gamification Matters?

Moverz makes your brand stand out by bringing the same fun and engaging campaigns that big corporate brands have achieved over the years, accessible to everyone. Gamification taps into the subconscious, creating a dopamine hit that keeps customers coming back – it's simply addicting.

Why Moverz?

Transform your customer experience into a game, add marketing sizzle to your social media channels, generate recurring revenue, drive repeat business, and capture valuable data with ease. Moverz brings you all these benefits effortlessly – just share the excitement with your customers!

How It Works?

Step 1: Customers visit your brand page to sign up for your interactive program
Step 2: They download our app and sign in
Step 3: They scan a QR code at your store to watch their token evolve and win rewards

What We Do

Program Strategy: We conduct sessions to define the right perks for your industry
Custom Artwork: We design your unique digital token series
Purchasing Site: We develop a custom landing page for customer sign up
Brand Verification Setup: We onboard your team to start scanning QR codes
Marketing: We create physical flyer designs & social media graphics
Unlimited Tech Support: We offer continuous assistance and capture valuable data

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