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The Car Wizard

A commercial we made for an auto body shop, where their exceptional car repairs border on the realm of magic.

Organic Corner

We crafted both a captivating commercial and an original, catchy jingle for an exceptional organic restaurant on Long Island.

The Dublin Deckoning

A promotional commercial we made for a Halloween festival, doing a comedic parody of "The Shining" featuring the bar owner as the star.


A campaign concept tailored for companies in search of a relatable and uproarious depiction of workplace dynamics, employing a boss baby as the comedic catalyst.

What happened To STATTfest?

A sketch we put together for a music festival brand, amidst the event restrictions during Covid.

Pineapples Invade Salt Shack

A commercial showcasing alien pineapples invading the beach, to promote a beach music festival on Long Island.

Pirates Discover Luau

A pair of whimsical Scallywag pirates stumble upon a treasure chest revealing the coveted secrets to the grandest party of the year, an advertisement we put together for a music festival.

Nightmare at Dublin Deck

A promotional commercial / sketch we made for a Halloween festival.

Captain Collision

Experience our witty commercial for a local Auto Body shop, featuring the showdown between Captain Collision and a greedy insurance representative.

Scottie Breaks Bad

A promotional commercial we made for a Hempfest Festival, doing a comedic parody of "Breaking Bad" featuring the bar owner as the star.


AI Music Festival Promo

Utilizing advanced AI technology, we ingeniously produced a hilarious spoof to promote a music festival, featuring the bar owner receiving a slap from Will Smith, leaving celebrities stunned by the unexpected twist.

AI Fight Battle

Harnessing the power of AI technology, we crafted a dynamic battle scene pitting pineapple zombies against iconic figures like John Wick, Bruce Lee, and Randy Savage a commercial that captures the essence of the Pineapple Invasion Ale.


Turkey Giveaway

We teamed up with Patrizia's & the NYPD to hand out over 1000 turkeys to those in need during the holidays.

Puff Puff Pass The Movie

We’ve collaborated with Carniroll to create a once in a lifetime VIP experience, exclusively available to VDM holders. For this collection Louie The Boilerman won the “King for a Day” royal treatment at this past Roll Up Music Festival in Northampton, MA. Our King was treated as such getting his own king suite, a larger than life throne, access to VIP shipping container lounges, all the food and drinks he could want, not to mention becoming hype man for Waka Flocka and much more.

La Fiesta

We worked with The Latino Lenders on The La Fiesta campaign, to give back to the families that just moved into their new homes by throwing them a surprise party at their doorstep.

We Love John

We orchestrated a heartwarming surprise for our friend John at South Bay Beverage, bringing together a group of "random" people wearing I Love John shirts to express our heartfelt appreciation.

The Brachelor

We created a campaign concept for Natural Light, titled "The Brachelor," which parodies the show "The Bachelor," as a man embarks on a quest to find a best friend.


Pineapple Invasion Commercial 2022

Friction Labs Commercial

Pineapple Invasion Commercial 2021

Pineapple Invasion Commercial 2020

Pineapple Invasion Commercial 2019

Music Videos

DJ Johnny DJ - Friendz

A music video we made for the group Friendz, highlighting individuals courageously leaving their mundane jobs behind to embrace their passions and join the band, embodying the inspiring journey of pursuing one's true calling.

Captain Planet - The Big Climax Ft. Spilltheblood.

In our music video, rapper "The Big Climax" enters a pivotal pitch meeting with a clique of pretentious music industry agents. His mission? To propose an artist dedicated to environmental activism and positive messaging, aimed at saving the planet. However, they dismiss his idea, deeming it unsellable. Undeterred, he takes matters into his own hands, sparking a viral movement by cleaning up the planet, compelling even the once-snobby agents to abandon their roles and join his cause. The climactic showdown unfolds as he faces off against the unyielding boss, culminating in an unexpected twist as the boss, enlightened by the rapper's spirit, joins forces in an inspiring finale.

Vision Quest - Friendz

Step into a mesmerizing realm as Abushady joins forces with Friendz. When he's struck by the enigmatic Master Clock Man's timepiece, he's transported to a surreal dimension brimming with eccentric characters that the band must confront. As the battle unfolds, Abushady discovers a startling revelation—that the Master Clock Man is none other than an alternate version of himself. In a mind-bending conclusion, he awakens, grappling with the blurred lines between reality and illusion.

Just Text Me - A Day Of Shah

The Moverz and Atlanta rapper Shah teamed up for a collaborative sketch music video where they kicked back, had a good laugh, and ran into some hilarious and quirky characters throughout the day.

One In The Chamber - Danny Dakota

We crafted a music video for Danny Dakota, where an unexpected twist takes him from a moth-themed gathering to a goth party, compelling him to channel his inner rock star and captivate the crowd through a magnetic performance.

Chunky Peanut Butter - Friendz

Embark on an extraordinary musical odyssey as we teamed up with Friendz & Nonstop to Cairo, propelling them through time and dimensions aboard a captivating magic school bus.


The Moverz Show

FighterHeart Podcast

Rizzo On The Move Podcast

Studio Sessions

Salt Shack Sessions - Enrose

Salt Shack Sessions - Aqua Cherry

Salt Shack Sessions - Friendz

Salt Shack Sessions - Logan Whaley

Salt Shack Sessions - Rick Eberle

Salt Shack Sessions - IRIEspect

Salt Shack Sessions - P-Funk North

Salt Shack Sessions - A.N.A

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